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About Chris Grover Wedding Photography

Hi, hola, salut, ciao!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website – I hope that you are inspired and excited by the images shown in my portfolio.

I love weddings – that’s the only way that I can be a wedding photographer! I photographed my first wedding when I was 20 and here I am, almost 25 years later so there must be something about it.

I live in a modest village in mid-Suffolk and have two teenage boys. When I’m not behind a camera, I can be found cooking or riding a bicycle – one helps to offset the effects of the other!

Before entering wholeheartedly into wedding photography I spent 15 years working in the wine industry which was great fun and a very sociable business.

I’ve photographed a huge range of things over the years: I’ve spent time at a press agency door-stepping celebs and criminals and I photographed in Croatia during the war there in 1991. I’ve done food and interior photography for hotels, restaurants and magazines but through it all I’ve continued to enjoy photographing weddings.

That’s because more than almost all other areas, Wedding Photography is about people and that’s what I love about it!

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