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About Chris Grover

I love weddings – I photographed my first wedding when I was just 18 using a manual focus camera and 6 rolls of 35mm film. Fast forward to today, where we offer great digital photography and create films in either HD or 4k resolution. 

I didn’t start out to be a wedding photographer – I wanted to be a war photographer! It’s probably just as well that that didn’t work out and I spent almost 15 years in the wine business instead. 

I came back to wedding photography just after the turn of the millennium when I realised what I missed (and loved) about it – people! I started building my business and a few years later I was thrilled to photograph the first wedding at Hengrave Hall in August 2009. Since then I have worked with many couples in many places and I just love that feeling, walking into a venue in the morning when everything’s being set up and there’s a buzz in the air…

Weddings are pure emotion. The months of planning, the expectations, the ceremony, the party… To be present on the day, making photos or film as all these plans and moments and feelings come together is like nothing else and it is a joy to be a part of it.