Alice @ Hengrave Hall

As a wedding photographer, I’m lucky enough to look at literally thousands of pictures every year of brides and bridesmaids and grooms and groomsmen who have jumped into their ‘Sunday Best’ and ‘walked down the aisle’. Each and every wedding is special and when you’re filming or photographing it, you keep a mental checklist of the pictures or edits as you go through the day – “must check that one, keep that one… that’ll be nice with a bit more contrast…” And normally you get it right – the images that you think will be the ‘hero pics’ are!

However sometimes they sneak up on you, just like this one of Alice. I’d processed the pictures from Hengrave Hall, sent them to Alice and her husband and was going through my archiving process… and then I stopped.

This one caught me.

It was after we’d taken Alice’s bridal portrait and before the bridesmaids joined her. When I’d been through the colour pictures I’d overlooked it and then, in B&W, it jumped off the screen….


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