My First ‘Best Girl’…

The role of the Best Man at a wedding is huge and all too often it is left partially unfulfilled. Girls get this stuff and guys just don’t! Bridesmaids will anticipate how the Bride is feeling, they will pre-empt requests, organise things and make sure that there is plan in place for anything that may arise.

Best Men often feel that once the stag do is over, there’s just the character assassination of the speech and that’s it. C’mon guys! The groom needs nurturing, looking after, shepherding, reassuring and okay, maybe a swift half or two.

Stefan married Kelly today and he took out an insurance policy with Kelly’s daughter. 10 year old Mollie was the ‘Best Girl’ and she fulfilled the role wonderfully. She made sure that the rings made it to the church, only handing them over to the two Best Men at the last minute, she carried extra pins for the ushers’ ¬†buttonholes, she was ready ahead of time and then, after the marriage she acted as chief babysitter. I wish that every wedding had a Mollie…

Mollie in the role of Best Man at a Stowmarket wedding



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