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Wedding Photography Services

On this page I’ll share some thoughts about wedding photography and then further down is some information on costs.

Much of the content here is a starting point for a conversation between us about your wedding and what is right for you, so once you’ve had a chance to look through it all and think about it in relation to your plans, it would be great if we could meet or arrange a phone call to talk through your day.

What Style of Wedding?

I’m often asked what style of wedding photography I do. There’s an easy answer to this question and then there’s a more complicated answer…

First the easy one: the type of wedding photography that’s right for you!

It’s only through talking with you and getting to know the two of you as people, as well as how you perceive your wedding photography that I can create the photographs and albums that you will love.

Is the photography a key part of your day that you want to spend some time on to achieve a specific look or would you like the minimum of fuss and intervention?

Now the more complicated answer: there are different styles of wedding photography talked about on the internet such as fine art, documentary, reportage and traditional. In my experience most couples want a blend of these, with me as your photographer reflecting the rhythm of your wedding and tailoring the photography to best meet your expectations.

Let me start by defining the above terms.

Documentary / Reportage

Coming out of a strong tradition of news photography, these terms reflect a way of working which at its purest involves absolutely no intervention.

The photographer records what happens in front of his or her camera and is a silent bystander. A set of pure reportage wedding photographs would not include any group shots or posed shots of the bride and groom.



These are your parents wedding photos! 20 square pictures in an album with your parents in the middle of each image and a changing sequence of friends and relatives around them.


Fine Art

A relatively recent term when applied to wedding photography, this is actually something that has taken place to a greater or lesser extent for some years. Working this way the photographer will approach the wedding like an up-market editorial or fashion shoot.

You will be directed on how to pose, backgrounds will be cleared of distractions and additional lighting may be set up.

This style of photography can produce eye-catching images, but there is a penalty for this – each image will take time to create leaving you with less time to celebrate with your guests.

Fine art photography can also lend itself to creating beautiful shots of the details of your day.


Your Wedding Day

Having read through the above, perhaps you are now starting to get an idea of how your day might
flow, dipping in and out of the different styles.

Preparations may be largely Reportage style with little intervention, allowing you as the bride and groom to relax with your bridesmaids / best man and look forwards to the day.

Just before the ceremony, a few images with a fine art bias may be called for before reverting to documentary for the actual ceremony.

After the ceremony, there’s a real mix: reportage of your guests chatting and having fun, fine art images of you as a couple and even today, most people still want a smattering of semi-traditional pictures with family and friends. However, I work hard to ensure that these are as relaxed and informal as possible. There’s nothing worse from my point of view or yours than people looking awkwardly at the camera!

The most important factor in your wedding photography…

… is the photographer, or rather the relationship that you and your photographer have. It sounds obvious, but how you interact with your photographer is absolutely key to getting the extra ‘wow’ in your photographs. Let me give you an illustration.

portrait-03You’re the bride, it’s fifteen minutes until you leave for the church, and your hairdresser just can’t get your veil to sit in your hair the way you wanted it to. Your photographer is waiting in the room to photograph you and your bridesmaids before the departure; maybe your father is giving you away and is hovering outside the door. It’s a warm summer’s day and you’re getting hot. Stress levels are rising in the room as the shout comes up from downstairs, “The car’s here!” It’s at this point where you need a photographer who is sensitive to the situation, who can adapt and most importantly can act as calming influence in the room rather than pointing out the time and asking when you’ll be ready for pictures.

I believe that this is where my experience and empathetic approach to working with you pays dividends many times over and helps deliver compelling, natural looking pictures.

The Engagement Shoot

Also known as the pre-wedding shoot. This is a chance for us to spend an hour or so chatting over a coffee and then taking some relaxed photos of the two of you.

I usually suggest that we meet on the beach at Aldeburgh or Southwold in Suffolk, both of which are blessed with excellent hotels and restaurants allowing you to make an occasion out of our time together. However I am happy to meet you elsewhere by arrangement – perhaps you have a favourite location?

You will receive some lovely pictures from our time together and the strengthening of our relationship will be enormously beneficial to all of us on your wedding day

Investment in my services

I have never liked asking people to commit to paying up front for a ‘package’ which includes a specific album, possibly with additional albums for family and friends. I firmly believe that only when you have your wedding images are you in the right position to make a decision as to how best to enjoy them for the years to come.

Therefore I indicate below a basic fee for my photography which includes a disc of images from which you are welcome to make prints and share photos. I give an indication of the cost of some beautiful albums. Your album will be individual to you. It will be tailored to represent your wedding day exactly as you wish to remember it. The size of the album, cover material, number of pages, thickness of pages and type of paper are all customisable, making your album truly yours.

This huge variety of options is why I give a range of costs rather than tie you down to a specific item and my clients absolutely love this approach. An additional benefit is that you don’t need to budget for an album until after your wedding, helping you to spread your costs.

  • Photography with Chris Grover throughout your wedding day until after dancing commences. £1195
  • As above but to include an additional photographer from preparations in the morning through to the wedding breakfast. £1495
  • A choice of beautiful albums from Cypress handmade in Los Angeles, incorporating luxurious Swiss Ribbon and high quality Japanese paper. £400 – £800 (May vary dependent upon $USD exchange rate.)
  • Graphistudio albums are beautifully made in Italy and offer a huge range of personalisation allowing you the greatest degree of control over your album. £300 – £600
  • Loxley Colour, have developed several lines of albums which look great, have lots of options and deliver superb value. £200 – £450
  • Digital sound recording of your ceremony and speeches combined with your images on DVD.Relive the key moments of your day without the intrusion or expense of a full video. £195
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